Anime Stickers

Our sticker technology means your stickers look awesome!  

Die Cut Anime Stickers

All die-cut anime stickers have approximately a 1/4" white border.  All of our stickers are made from tough, durable vinyl that's been laminated so that your stickers are safe from rain, sunlight, and protected from scratches.  Of course, they aren't bulletproof, but they're tough!  Put 'em on your laptop, computer tower, bike, wall, or anywhere else with hard, flat surface and show off your favorite anime characters!

Full Artwork Anime Stickers

Just like our die-cut stickers, but these are square or rectangular stickers with full artwork, and no border.  They look stunning on your desk, cubicle, wall, or any other hard, flat surface!  Heck, they're so pretty, you could frame them! 

More stickers added weekly, click here to be notified when I do -Liz

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